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On Hiatus in Tequila

Tequila is a small, quaint town in the state of Jalisco about an hour outside of Guadalajara. Known as a major center of distillation of the famous spirit that it’s named after it. The production of tequila, Mexico’s National drink, can be observed at several distilleries and haciendas even in the heart of town, where some of the largest known brands are still made today.


Tequila, with its picturesque charm, was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2006. On the outskirts of town you’ll encounter fields of blue agave, the spirit’s main ingredient and the only type of agave that tequila can be made from.

The town sits in the shadow of the 9,580-foot Volcan de Tequila, an ancient dormant volcano that gave the region its lava-rich soil. We may never have heard of Tequila if it weren’t for the volcano. The ash released by the last eruption, over 200,000 years ago, covered a large area which ultimately helped produce the perfect environment for growing agave, in turn leading to a bustling town of nearly 30,000 inhabitants.




On Hiatus in Tequila

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